Stewart Golf was founded more than a decade ago with the sole intention of designing and building the world's finest golf trolleys. As a company owned and run by engineers, our instinct is to design, innovate and build. This instinct has resulted in a range of golf trolleys that rivals and surpasses any in the world. 

Nestled in the idyllic Cotswolds in south west Great Britain, we lovingly build every one of our trolleys by hand. From here they are sent all over the world, with 30% of production being exported to more than 30 countries. 

After several years of development, the X1 Remote was launched in October 2003 to critical acclaim. As well as its space-age looks, the X1 Remote was the first trolley developed specifically for remote control. 

A policy of continuous development at Stewart Golf meant that the X1 was followed in 2005 by the X3, in 2008 by the X5 and in 2010 by the X7 Lithium. 2014 saw the launch of the bluetooth powered X9 Remote and the revolutionary X9 Follow. The X9 Follow combines outstanding remote control ability with a unique follow feature that enables the trolley to follow you down the fairway automatically.

2014 also saw the launch of the R1 Push; the first push trolley to be built by hand in Great Britain. A patented rack & pinion mechanism gives the R1 Push a uniquely clean aesthetic, dispensing with external sliders that often complicate the look of other push trolleys.

Building on the outstanding success of the R1 PUSH we are very proud to announce the NEW Colourful Stewart Golf R1-S PUSH trolley that is built by hand in Gloucestershire.

Now complete with 15 different colour variations, the R1-S PUSH has been branded ‘The best push trolley in the world’. Based on a novel application of the tried and tested rack & pinion system. Rack & pinion is most well known for use in car steering systems to turn the circular movement of turning a steering wheel, into the linear movement of the steering rack.

Specially designed self adjusting bag jaws will accommodate any style of stand, cart or tour bag, and an innovative new silicone bag strap both adjusts to bag size and grips at the same time.

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