From a six meter steel rod heated up to 1200°C, clobbered by a 1000 ton hammer, to an elegant and precise golf club ground by eye and hand. For thousands of years, the Japanese forging tradition has been employed to create some of the world's finest swords and tools. In combination with Mizuno's market leading research and development, cutting-edge technology and stunning craftsmanship, Mizuno can proudly say that we believe we produce some of the best irons in the world. Each and every club is produced with the user in focus.

Mizuno Range

Luke Donald - Mizuno

When did you start playing Mizuno clubs?

I've been using Mizuno clubs for a number of years, since I was about 13 or 14 years of age. Growing up, one of my idols was Nick Faldo, he was a big player for Mizuno, he won many tournaments and many majors using Mizuno equipment and I think he was always known as one of the best iron players in the game. Mizuno has always been synonymous with having the best irons in the game, and I've always loved the equipment loved how they feel, loved how they look and have always loved playing Mizuno equipment.

What do you look for in Mizuno irons?

For me it's always very important to feel comfortable in the golf course, when you look at the club, when it's behind the golf ball, when it needs to look great. I love the lines that the Mizuno clubs have but also more importantly is how it feels, how the blade goes through the ground, the strike, whether there's any vibration in the shaft and the club head. For me I've always been able to feel so much solid contact with Mizuno irons I'm able to control it, work the ball both ways, I love the fact that Mizuno technology gives me that control that I've been known for in my career so it's a mixture of look and feel, and I think Mizuno always get it just right.

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